My name is Luke Diamond. I created this site for CAPS in March 2015.

A few issues that may come up.

1) As of now, the site is not configured to show posts. Info is shown only in pages.

2) Due to the theme, new pages default to posting at partial width. To fix this, change the Template setting on the right hand side of the screen from “Default Template” to “Full Width Template.”

3) I have added several plugins for extra configurability. Of particular note is the “Page Builder” plugin. It allows for easy use of widgets and columns. To use on a new page, find and click the “page builder” tab. You can then set number of rows and columns, and you can add widgets to them. Use the “Visual Editor” widget to add standard text and graphics.

4) To add events, use the “Events,”  “Add New” option on the left hand side of the screen. It will automatically update the evens page. Note that the events page is configured through a plug-in, and changes should be made through the “Events” option just listed rather than on an events page.

If you have any other questions or issues, you can contact me at ldiamond80[at]


Luke Diamond (Class of 2016)


[2019 UPDATE]

My name is Brady Williams (Class of 2019). I am the first person to take over management of the CAPS website since Luke Diamond graduated in 2016. I have changed some things since Luke last managed the site. Most of the information about how to manage this site is the the CAPS G drive in a file titled “CAPS/CRW Online Resource Guide.” If you do not have access to this file, please contact current CAPS leadership or me at Please also feel free to reach out to me directly with any question on how to manage this site.